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2024 Heart of Texas Rally

Welcome to the 2024 Heart of Texas Rally : BOOMTOWN.  Our rally theme this year revolves around the Texas oil boom and the towns that arose to greatest and fell to nothingness, seemingly overnight.  Here on this page you will find links to the rally materials:  rallybook, Excel file with bonus list and a score helper, and GPX/KMZ files.  Physical books and rally flags will be mailed to the riders.  The rallybook covers both 58 and 30 hour riders.

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The Excel file has two worksheets.  The first worksheet lists the bonuses in alphanumerical order and lists their types, categories, and regions. It also lists the rest and meal bonuses.  The meal bonuses are based on the 64 restaurants listed on the worksheet.  The second worksheet is a scoring helper for when building your routes.  It's is a helpful tool (we hope it's helpful) and is only that, a tool.  If it doesn't work right, we're sorry, but you'll have to do the calculations by hand if you want it done correctly.

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2024 : BOOMTOWN: Projects
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